This project investigates the manifestations of racism within intercultural couples. It seeks to shed light on the invisible topic of racism from one’s intimate partner within intercultural couples. Both in scientific literature and in popular discourse, intercultural couples are generally perceived as implicitly challenging racism. In fact, partners who choose to form a couple are seen as defying the prejudices tacitly conveyed by society. From this perspective, many studies have examined the discrimination that intercultural couples may face in their communities. Furthermore, although some research focuses on the challenges inherent to intercultural unions, very few studies have examined the power dynamics that may persist within the couple. This representation of the intercultural union is thus limited in that it casts a veil on the racism that may exist within the couple itself. The main objective of this project is therefore to explore and identify, using a qualitative approach, the themes that emerge from the testimonies of individuals from a minority living with racism (implicit or explicit) within their couple. Secondly, this project will attempt to investigate what influence this type of experience can have on an individual's perception of his or her relationship.