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Maude Rodrigue - Doctoral student (D.psy)

Maude is a doctoral student. She completed her bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2016 at Laval University. Her research interests include intercultural contexts, multicultural identities, issues related to gender and to community health. For her thesis, she is working on a scoping review about identity configuration and identity clarity. She militates in organizations in Québec for various social causes, including a better access to mental health cares and international solidarity.


Jennifer Taing - Doctoral student (Ph.D.)

A student in the lab since the fall of 2017, Jennifer's research interests revolve around social belonging, cultural identity, the impact of parents' cultural transmission, immigration, motivation, language skills and second generation individuals.

Iman Sta-Ali - Doctoral student (Ph.D.)

After completing her bachelor's degree in psychology at University of Montreal in 2018, Iman began her doctoral studies at Laval University and joined the Multicultural, Experiences, Relationships, Racism and Identities (MERRI) Research Laboratory. Her research interests revolve around racial stereotypes and prejudices in intercultural romantic relationships. She is also interested in issues related to racism in health care and in academia, and vulnerable people’s access to social services and mental health care.

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Shella Munkurize - Master's student (M.A.)

Shella Munkurize is a final year masters’ student at Laval University. She is passionate about all that is related to mental health and the experiences of people with multiple cultural affiliations. In her research, she examines issues of acculturation, multicultural identity, discrimination and well-being.

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Alessandra Rossini - Master's student (M.A.)

Member of the lab since the fall of 2019, Alessandra has a great interest for intercultural issues. As part of her master's thesis, she is working more specifically on racism within intercultural couples. Before undertaking her research, she participated in an intercultural awareness internship in India in the summer of 2017. She is also interested in mental health and forensic psychology. This dual interest can be witnessed in the work she is doing in a shelter for people struggling with addiction, homelessness, mental health issues and delinquency.

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Élodie Comeau

Lab manager, undergraduate student in psychology


Justine Pagé

Research assistant, undergraduate student in psychology


Ophélia Fraczek

Research assistant, undergraduate student in psychology

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Andrée-Anne Beaudoin Julien

Justine Mitchell

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Delphine Gagnon

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Frédéric Thériault-Couture

Stephanie Maurice

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