Intercultural couples and identity

In recent years, the number of intercultural couples in Canada has continued to grow. However intercultural couples are under-represented in both research and media. The aim of this study is to examine the identity experiences of individuals in intercultural couples. We also focus on communication processes, conflict resolution, and couple outcomes, such as satisfaction. 

Your participation will help us to give a voice to intercultural couples in the field of psychology, which we hope will improve representation, but also understanding of the reality of intercultural couples on a larger scale.

How to participate :

The online questionnaire is approximately 20 minutes long.

We are looking for participants:

  • 18 years of age or older;

  • Who are from one or more cultural minority(s);

  • Who are in an intercultural couple with a partner who has a different cultural background from their own. The notion of intercultural couples is broad; for example, different cultural backgrounds may be expressed in terms of country of origin, parents' place of birth, etc.


To participate, it is very important to note that :

The questionnaire must be completed individually; if both members of the couple want to participate in the study, each must complete their own questionnaire individually.

French :
English :

As a thank you, a photography day will be organized in collaboration with the professional photographer Adolphe Ndemanyi, during which all the participants will have the opportunity to take a photo with their partner.

We would like to thank our valued partners at York University in Toronto, Université Laval, professional photographer Adolphe Ndemanyi and Imprimerie Bergemont!