Acculturation and enculturation

Shella Munkurize's research project focuses on acculturation strategies, experiences of discrimination and the well-being of people with multiple cultural affiliations (mixed people, 2nd generation immigrants, etc.). She seeks to know how the acculturation strategy of these people as well as their experience(s) of discrimination influences their way of seeing themselves as members of their cultural community(s). Moreover, she is trying to find out whether, depending on the acculturation strategy used, some of these individuals might feel that they do not meet the criteria required to be a "real" member of their heritage cultural group (e.g. speaking the language of their country of origin), and might feel that they are impostors within their own cultural group(s). Her research questions ask: How might this experience as well as experiences of discrimination impact their well-being? Does feeling like you don't have the criteria or tools to "assert" that you are a member of your cultural group(s) predict adjustment problems?