Welcome to the Multicultural Experiences, Relationships, Racism and Identities (MERRI) Research Laboratory



The MERRI lab, directed by Maya A. Yampolsky, PhD, was established in June 2015 and is part of the School of Psychology (Faculty of Social Sciences) at Laval University, Quebec. 


Our research laboratory aims to study the complexities of multicultural identification, and how this identification is influenced by our relationships and experiences in our social context.

In addition, we draw on social and cultural psychology approaches and use mixed methods to capture the richness of our lived experiences and the large-scale patterns between these identity and social factors. 

Finally, our broader goal is to increase the voice, understanding and representation of multicultural and intersectional minorities in psychological research.

Laboratory Research Interests

  • Multicultural and intersectional identification

  • Intercultural relations

  • Racism and discrimination

  • Acculturation and multiculturalism

  • Intraindividual and interpersonal consequences

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